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5 Refreshing Decor Ideas for Your Assisted Living Apartment

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5 Refreshing Decor Ideas for Your Assisted Living Apartment

Spring is coming, and for many people, that's a time of refreshing and reorganizing. Seniors in assisted living apartments at The Gardens in Springfield might find that spring is a great time to refresh their interior decor.

One of the benefits of an assisted living apartment is that it's your own space. It affords privacy and independence, but you can also make it a space that you love to return to each day. Adding your own touches to the decor is a great way to do this. But the same old decor season after season can get stale and boring. Here are few options for adding a refreshing touch to your apartment this spring.

1. Create Ambient Light With LED Candles

The gentle flickering of candle flame is something that many people love. It can soften the look of a room, provide ambient lighting in the evening and create a calming aesthetic that helps you pray, think or meditate.

You can't have an open candle flame in an assisted living apartment for safety reasons. But that doesn't mean you have to forgo this favorite home decor accessory. LED candles offer many of the same benefits. These are battery-operated units with a small electric "flame". You can find options that flicker for a full candle effect.

LED candles also offer a few benefits that traditional candles don't.

They don't melt down, so you can use them for years. Batteries usually last a long time in these candles, since LED bulbs don't draw much power.

You can place them in any location without worrying about a flame, which makes them ideal for bookshelves or windows near curtains.

You can opt for LEDs that blink, flicker or emit different colored light to best go with your decor and mood.

2. Use Baskets and Boxes to Help You Go Minimalist

A clutter-free zone is one of the most refreshing spaces many people experience. But it's easy to collect clutter in your assisted living apartment. If you have items strewn about, it can be a safety issue and tripping hazard too. Give your apartment a quick spring clean by getting rid of things you no longer use and organizing other items in baskets, boxes and bins with labels.

3. Bring the Elements of Spring Into Your Living Room

During spring, the outdoors comes to life in bright colors and newness. While it's a great time to spend outdoors, you can't stay outside every moment. Eventually it rains or night falls and you have to come in; plus, even if it's sunny out, too much UV exposure is bad for you.

Seniors can use spring elements to make their assisted living apartment as enjoyable as outdoor gardens. Live flowers arranged in pretty containers are a great option, but if you experience allergies or can't handle live plants for any reason, faux flowers can still be lovely. Plus, you can incorporate the colors and looks of spring into other elements, such as a decorative pillow on your couch, a new spring-themed shower curtain or a wreath on your door or wall.

4. Give Your Bedroom a Lift With New Bedding

Bedrooms are a great place to add refreshing elements. Bringing spring into your sleep space helps you wake to joyful colors and patterns and remember that God created each day as a new day for us.

Perhaps the easiest way to upgrade your bedroom decor is to attend to the bed. It's the biggest piece in your room and often the focal point when you first walk in. Choose new bedding that you love and that makes you feel light and comfortable. It might include aspects of spring, such as pastels or floral prints, but you can also go bold with dark solids or geometric patterns.

Once you have the new bedding in place, take time each day to make your bed when you leave it. You'll love your room more when it's in order, and there's something relaxing about climbing between the sheets of a made bed at the end of each day.

5. Choose a Color Scheme to Carry Throughout Your Apartment

If you want to make a big impact with some small changes, choose a color scheme for your entire apartment. Choose one or two complementary colors that go with your walls and furniture, and incorporate those into small touches across the space. You don't have to buy a new sofa or chair. Instead, add a small pillow, new curtains, fresh towels or even a mug and plate in your new colors. Spreading these small changes throughout your space creates a cohesive look that brings your decor together.

Decorating your assisted living apartment to match your personality and preferences is important. It helps your space become a home, which increases your overall enjoyment and quality of life as you integrate into an assisted living community.

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1. Three Links wrote:
Great and impressive decorating ideas for a nursing home, thank you.

Tue, March 10, 2020 @ 9:18 PM

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