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Easy Gift Giving Ideas for the Adults in Your Life

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Easy Gift Giving Ideas for the Adults in Your Life

Checking off the names on your holiday gift-giving list may be easy or overwhelming, depending on your circumstances and personality. But whether you intend to take advantage of scheduled transportation and shopping trips from the assisted living community or want to shop online, we've got a few ideas to make your holiday gift-giving easier. Check out these gift ideas for different people in your life.

For Adult Children, Relatives and Friends

When you know someone well, you can customize a gift to their hobbies or personality. That doesn't mean you have to spend a lot, either. A small tool to help make an adult child's favorite hobby easier is often appreciated, and relatives might enjoy soaps in their favorite scent or special treats you know they love but forgo most of the year for health or budget reasons.

Other things you might buy for adults you know well include the next book from their favorite author, an item of clothing or an accessory or something specific they would enjoy for their home.

When you don't know someone as well, gift ideas might include cozy socks, tea or coffee, candles or even gift certificates.

For Grandkids or Other Children

Sometimes the cutest thing on the shelf isn't the best gift for children. It's tempting to opt for the life-size teddy bear, but consider the burden that might put on the child's parents, who may not have room to store it or a way to keep it sanitary.

When buying for children, it's often a good idea to ask parents for ideas for those reasons and because children's tastes change quickly. A grandchild who was obsessed with dinosaurs when visiting your assisted living community over the summer might now be interested in trains, for example.

Some traditional go-tos many kids still enjoy include:

  • Age-appropriate art supplies, such as stickers and coloring books for toddlers, watercolors and modeling clay for elementary students and interest-specific sketching and painting tools for teens
  • Action figures, especially if you know what characters are currently of interest
  • Building blocks, from simple wooden sets to complex LEGO collections
  • Dolls and other toys that spark imaginative play, including kitchen sets
  • Brain teasers, puzzles and board games

Teenagers might enjoy books and movies, hobby supplies, make up, clothing and gift cards.

For Friends at The Gardens Assisted Living Community

Your friends at The Gardens assisted living community might enjoy receiving any of the types of gifts you'd give to adult family or friends, though keep the community restrictions in mind. For example, residents can't have candles in the assisted living apartments for safety reasons. Because your friends might have downsized when moving to the community, it's probably a good idea to consider space issues and gifts based on functionality if you choose to give presents.

One option you might consider instead of exchanging gifts is planning a special time together. Perhaps you can all enjoy an outing to a local movie, Christmas display or dinner. This is also a great gift idea for adult children and grandchildren; sometimes, the present of time together is the most valuable thing you can offer.

For Service Providers and Professionals

If you want to provide gifts or seasonal tokens of appreciation to professionals in your life — such as assisted living staff, doctors, hair dressers or others — remember to keep legal requirements in mind. Many service professionals — especially those in regulated industries such as health care or finance — can only accept small tokens of appreciation and not elaborate gifts. Thoughtful gifts might include small treats, candles, coffee, tea or even a pretty ornament. Even just a card that expresses your heartfelt gratitude for service is meaningful and much appreciated by professionals.

Remember that gift-giving is not the reason for the season but simply one expression of it. No one should feel compelled to give gifts beyond their means, and you can express your love this holiday simply by showing kindness and joy and being present for others.